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Fusion, create websites using Markdown

Fusion is a Laravel package designed to manage Markdown content via Eloquent Models.


Create your content in Markdown Format. You can use Frontmatter fields to enrich your content.

Eloquent Models

Automatically load content into Eloquent Model from Markdown files

Querying Content

Fusion allows you to use the Eloquent Models features for filtering, and sorting the content you need.

Fusion CLI

Fusion provides command line tools to automate the process of checking the structure of the Markdown and for properly setting up the Eloquent Model

Eloquent Model Generator

Fusion generates automatically the Eloquent Model based on your Markdown content

Frontend Agnostic

Fusion Provides Eloquent Models and manages Markdown content so that you can choose your Frontend like Blade Templates, Livewire, Inertia (Vue, React, Svelte) etc.


If you are a Laravel Developer and you want to build your Website, or Portfolio website, with Laravel you have a lot of options like Folio for managing the routes and pages, Livewire for managing the user interaction with the website, Inertia for using React or Vue or Svelte in your Frontend.

For managing the content you can use the database (MySql, Postgresql, Sqlite) or you can use flat files (Markdown or JSON etc). Using the database you have the benefit of using Eloquent for filtering and sorting the content. Using the flat files you have more simplicity avoiding the usage of a database, and simplifying the deployment process.

But, what if you can combine the benefits that come from the two approaches? With Fusion, you can manage your content in Markdown files and use Eloquent for querying the content.

You can start creating your content in a Markdown file, using the Frontmatter fields:


headline: Hi Folks!
subheadline: We love building Open Source software. We love building side projects and releasing them as Open Source projects.
cover: /img/hi-folks-cover.webp
  - label: Our GitHub
  - label: Projects
    url: /projects
published: true
slug: home


## Home page

Markdown goes here

and then you can query your content via Eloquent Model, for example in your Controller in your Blade component or your Livewire component:

$page = \App\Models\Page::where("slug", "home")->first();

You can structure your content to have more models (pages, projects, articles etc):

$project = \App\Models\Project::where("published", true)
    ->where("slug", "fusion")

So, if you are interested in to Fusion you can take a look at our GitHub Repository.

Fusion Tutorial

Courious to learn more? We have a tutorial on platform.

Read the Tutorial