Fusion integrates Markdown into Laravel Models, simplifying Website development.

Building Website with Markdown files
Building Website with Markdown files

Fusion aids in website development by integrating the power of Markdown and Frontmatter, enabling developers to create content-driven Web sites without having to manage databases.

With Fusion, developers can leverage the simplicity of Markdown syntax combined with the flexibility of Frontmatter to seamlessly organize and structure content.

By parsing Frontmatter into Eloquent models, Fusion enables developers to create complex, structured websites with ease. Say goodbye to the complexities of database management and welcome simplified website development with Fusion.

Install Fusion in your Laravel project:

composer require hi-folks/fusion

You can read the article on Dev.to platform to start creating your website based on Markdown content.

Here is an intro video about Fusion:


You can read this quick Tutorial to start creating Websites


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